New Boats

New Boats and Old Crews

The season starts on Saturday with some old crews in new boats.

First to appear was not so old Bill and Ned Nissen in their brand new shiny Flying Ant "The Hunter". Other Flying Ants have changed hands in the off season, including State Champion "Conditions Apply" and top performer "Venom".

Next was Combat in his Nacra 5.8 catamaran "Moody Blue". The hot gossip is that Grant Jordan is coming out of retirement to help Combat in his quest for top cat.

And now Arran Gore has lined up Morgan Frew and Chris Hayman to add youth to his experience (they can still climb onto the centreboard) to sail a 16ft Skiff previously called "The Sailing Company" and now renamed "The Bailing Company". No photo yet but they are keen to get out there for the Cobweb Cleaners. This boat joins Dick, Dean & Dougs' new unnamed as yet skiff from the end of last season (one start, no finishes) in challenging "AJ&W Plumbing". Johnny Naylor has also dragged Rod Rocket off of his lounge to join Club Captain Leo in "JCC".

Another interesting move has been Toot's move from sail to power, joining Captain Dave Hunt in the rescue boat. Toot will add a new dimension to the rescue boat team and we're all looking forward to seeing him perform!

More gossip next time!