2028 Cock O'Harbour Regatta Results

2021 Cock O'Harbour Regatta Results

A light nor-westerly breeze greeted the 30 starters of the 2021 Cock of the Harbour Regatta and, typical for breezes on the wrong side of the vertical line, it was a day of wind gusts, lulls and big changes in direction.

The F20 "Thunderbolt" sailed by Brett White and Ethan McAulaf showed great pace in the puffs to open up an early lead in the race but in some very light stuff just before the finish line the F18 "Send It Marine" sailed by Daniel & Nathan Van Kerckhof got past the bigger catamaran to claim the trophy. The F18 "1484" sailed by Ian Lamb and Sophia Walton took the final step on the podium.

The Van Kerckhof family have previously claimed this trophy a number of times over the last 20 years.

In the Yardstick results, the Vee Esses sailed very well in the light breeze to claim the first 3 spots. "2 Sailors + 1" sailed by John Jefferson, Pete & Brody Sullian won comfortably from "Stowe" (Tim Dodds, Scott Coleman, Luke Rasford) and "Meeks Real Estate" (Geoff Sakins, Mark Nugent, Greg Busch).

Two classes had the required number of entrants to get their own divisions - Vee Esses and F18s. Other boats went into the Miscellaneous Monohulls or Miscellaneous Catamarans divisions. Podiums for these divisions follow:

Place Cock of the Harbour Vee Ess F18 Misc Monos Yardstick Misc Cat Yardsticks
1st "Send It Marine"
Daniel & Nathan Van Kerckhof
"2 Sailors + 1"
Vee Ess
John Jefferson, Pete & Brody Sullivan
"Send It Marine"
Daniel & Nathan Van Kerckhof
16ft Skiff
David Croft, Anthony Johnson & Greg Linich
Brett White & Ethan McAlauf
2nd "Thunderbolt"
Brett White & Ethan McAlauf
Vee Ess
Tim Dodds, Scott Coleman & Luke Rasford
Ian Lamb & Sophia Walton
Nathan McNamara & Peter McLeod
"Nudge It"
Maricat 5.0
David & Nicola Young
3rd 1484
Ian Lamb & Sophia Walton
"Meeks Real Estate"
Vee Ess
Geoff Sakins, Mark Nugent & Greg Busch
Ned & Dean Nissen
"Phantom 2"
Colin Blanch
Maricat 4.3
Chris Wilson

Full results are available - Yardstick_RaceSheet_2021_COH.pdf. (Please let the club know if any of the names are incorrect - some of the handwriting was hard to read!)